No Difference

No Difference
by Chris Biles

You don’t make a sound when you fall alone in the woods.
Your footprints fade the moment of their creation.
You don’t need water to wash yourself away.
Even the faces in the clouds fail to meet your eyes.

You lead your life with the lie of omission.
Why acknowledge the truth when it takes away your places to hide?
Why acknowledge the truth when it will be the end
to all your reasons for forced shadows?

You alone have derailed your senses because
you don’t want to be the person they think you are,
but in reality that’s the only person you want to be
because, well, who are you in the first place?

All you do know is the field with the reddest strawberries
in the summertime, all you know is that you are open to pain
because you can always hide the real tears
– they are the blood-red juices of the fruits you pick to sustain yourself.

The faces in the clouds will never meet your eyes
simply because you don’t want them to.
We only accept the love we think we deserve,
and so no one will ever enter your strawberry field.

You will live on, only acknowledging one truth:
that breathing is just a rhythm,
and unless you’re some god that controls the fate of the winds,
it truly makes no difference.